Friday, June 24, 2011

Making more of dent. . .

As dauntingly big as this territory is to us city-dwellers, we did indeed make more of a dent today. We worked a little more in Lamberton. More wonderful conversations, more Teach books (Bible-study-aids) placed, and even though we had plenty of NH's, it feels so good to at least leave behind a personal not regarding the purpose of our visit along w/a few other things in an envelope for the homes. You never know who may read that and be touched enough to be moved to want to study God's word. :)
We did end up connecting with Rachelle and got to work with her for a couple of hours this afternoon. She was gracious enough to do all the driving while we were out on the farms. We visited a farm that had llamas today! Very cool! And one w/several peacocks, their squawks reminding us of the peacocks that live near our KH in Carlsbad. :)
We wrapped up service by 5 today, because we'd been invited up to a the home of one of the families from the congregation in Redwood Falls for dinner. Rick & Deb Halvorson had us and a few others. . .Rusty, Lori, Wyatt & Elijah; Tabitha & her cousin Jessie; Collin & Andy. How grateful we are they took the time to have us over and that we got to know them! I know it can be crazy working, service, meetings, etc....and then to have complete strangers over for a gathering too! So kind! After we all ate, the kids all went down to the basement and played Apple to Apples (eventually), while the rest of us sat around and became fast friends! :)
When it came time to leave, Collin half-kidding/half-seriously asked if he might get a ride in our Mustang before we left town, so I kicked the girls out of the car (they'd already snuggled into the backseat) and took Collin, Andy & Elijah for short ride down the road w/the top down! That was fun! :)
Tomorrow is our last day to be able to work the territory, and I think Dana & Diane are going to join us. Of course, all this week has caught up w/me so that my health is such that I, personally, will only be going out by sheer holy spirit, so should you read this tonight, please pray that I can support the work tomorrow. :)
Missing everyone back home! <3

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