Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Our Assignment Begins!!

Overall status for today. . .FUN! :)
Started out our day with practicing presentations for service. . .hahahaha something struck my funny bone on that one, and I was a total goof when it was my turn to act the householder. I kept throwing Bryan for a loop.....hahaha Good thing he loves me! Ok...so we all took turns....when it came to Chatelaine, she clammed up (anyone surprised there? ya, didn't think so!) ok...so her nerves kicked in and she didn't want to talk. Myranda was trying to be encouraging and said, "You're just talking to your father! It's not like you're talking to an actual person!" Oh my word, we laughed so hard over that!
Lest you think we were all jokesters. . . we did eventually get out the door (the goal was 8:30, but hey, we made it out by 9). We went ahead with our plan of hitting up the farms first. It was beautiful and peaceful and WHAM! Torrential rain. . .check out the photos! I mean, thankfully we got off the dirt roads before it got too bad! LOL Ok....so Plan B got instituted. . . we decided to work one of the towns, and started with Lamberton. It's been roughly two years since any of these homes have been visited, and there are plenty of them.
Diane had recommended we stop for lunch @ the Mexican place in Lamberton, but come lunch time, we found out it was "closed until further notice". We went to the music store to meet a sister (Rachelle) that Diane had told us worked there. I think she was sufficiently surprised! I wanted to give her a big hug, but since she was working, we kept it short & sweet. She told us there were no other places in Lamberton to eat, so we headed over to Walnut Grove for lunch. Boy did we get queer looks by being all dressed up in their wee restaurant! :) It was fun to head over there, though, since last year, that's the town we sat out the tornado warning in the American Legion Bar!!! LOL Good times!
Everyone we spoke to today was pretty nice, save one woman that was quite cross with Bryan for continuing to walk up her driveway (this was on one of the farms) past her barking dogs. Brave soul that he is, she obviously did not realize how good he is at gauging dogs. Personally, I wouldn't have gotten out of that car & tried to walk past those dogs to save my life, but hey, that's me...nervous Nelly!
So. . . we stayed out in the ministry over 7 hours today and made the teensiest, tiniest dent in this huge territory. We had some great conversations, placed many books, and left a little note w/magazines, a tract & an invitation to the K.H. in Redwood Falls @ each NH, since it may be a long while before anyone is back in the area. We're looking forward to more work in the field tomorrow. :)
Once we came home, Dana & Diane had us over to dinner again. Super sweet! She lays the purtiest dinner table, too! I just realized I didn't take pictures. Anyway....everything was scrumptious. Afterward, her mom, Mabel, came to pick us up to meeting, and we got to meet the congregation!!! Nothing warms the heart more than meeting our brothers & sisters and feeling like we've known them forever! The Kingdom Hall looks the same size as ours, but is layed out differently (they need a coat room here in these parts!!), so the auditorium is small, but sufficient for their local needs. Again, forgot to take pics INSIDE the hall (will do that Sunday), but check out the ones outside Bryan took!

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