Saturday, June 25, 2011

Our final day in our assignment. . .

Our driest day here, yet! Both from the rain and from the territory! LOL
Diane & Dana did come out into Lamberton with us today! :) It was so fun to have them join us. Oh...and I made it out, by the way!!! Jehovah truly accomplishes miracles! :)
Anyway, we went to town to see what more of that we could get done. Didn't finish it all, but we certainly were happy to get done what we did. Surprisingly, we had more NH's today than any other day since we've been here, and yet having a couple more people with us breathed new life into the day!! :)
After service, Dana drove us to show us the most expensive place for sale in Springfield...$235,000(?).....HUGE house!!! (They've all done a bang up job of working on getting us to move here....LOL) Then we all came back to the houses. We came in & layed down for a rest/nap. After that I started prepping laundry, and we started cleaning, since we'll be departing tomorrow!!! :(
For dinner, we all went to New Ulm to a Chinese place. Then we came back to Dana & Diane's, and the guys watched a DVD of a comedian, and Diane helped Chatelaine and Myranda to make earrings! So fun! :)
We're going to miss this place, and we'll miss our new family even more!!!


  1. Howdy Beth, I just read all of your blogs for each day. My goodness! What a whirlwind! I know you all must be exhausted but its such a good feeling when we are tired for Jehovah, isn't it? Thanks for sharing....hoping your health holds up for the rest of your trip!

  2. Hi Diane :) yes! we were totally exhausted after our week there, and you are so right! Being tired for Jehovah is the best feeling! :)