Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Plan A. . .no Plan B. . .no Plan C. . . Is there a plan????

Today was THE most disjointed day! I think all the travel is catching up with us, because we all woke up a bit late...therefore, we were out the door late, but we made it out! Woo hoo!

Ok, so our intention today was to head to Wanda (teensy town of like 100(?) people) and then head to Lamberton. Why Wanda? I'm glad you asked....ok, so remember Mabel that picked us up for meeting last night? she volunteers at the Wanda Mall...a place we were told you walk in, donate $1 and take what you like. Today was her one day to volunteer during our visit, so we thought we'd venture there first, then work that town (it is in our assignment) and then head to Lamberton to continue working because we'd woken up to a wet day., we arrive at the Wanda Mall (see pic) and it's a tiny building. It used to be a Catholic school. It's a wonderful concept of a place. . . second-hand stuff, donated, and you can come take what you like by just helping "keep the lights on" with your $1 donation. Y'all know me....I'm not a big fan of "stuff", so I barely skimmed the stuff. Myranda & Chatelaine, though, had fun looking at the purses, belts, etc... Chatelaine walked away w/4 purses, and Myranda a purse & a book. Not too shabby for $1, right?

Our plans for working the ministry in Wanda were foiled from the get-go, though. The day of our visit, there was a funeral of one of the local fireman that had passed away from cancer, and the whole town was in attendance to be sure. We left that town for the group that is expected in July. to Lamberton we headed. Naturally, just as we arrived, the wet turned to pouring rain. :( We really hadn't planned for so much rain here, as the weather we had seen predicted for our visit was "cloudy" w/one day of "cloudy w/chance of showers". We figured one umbrella would cut it, since only 2 of us would be working a door at a time on the farms. how were we supposed to know that "cloudy" meant "pouring rain"???? There was no way we could go door-to-door w/4 people and one umbrella without making a bad impression on so many levels....the least of which being that at least two of us would be looking the part of drowned rats vs. witnesses of Jehovah!

SOOOOOOO.....we had to procure more umbrellas! So we headed to the nearest Wal Mart (40ish miles away). While in that town, we stopped for lunch & wrote more of the notes we were including in the envelopes we were leaving at the NH's. Then back in to the territory we went. Again, we had some very nice conversations with the Lamberton(ites?). All in all, the day was a success!

Tonight we came home and Myranda cooked dinner, and the girls did the dishes. I could get used to that arrangement! :)

We're all feeling the veil of exhaustion laying over our shoulders, so good night for now!

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