Monday, June 20, 2011

Minnesota or Bust! was only a 7 hour drive day, and we made it here to Springfield, MN! We are staying in a house on the property of Dana & Diane, a couple from the Redwood Falls Cong. The place is just adorable!
Once we got here, we unpacked the car and settled into our temporary dwelling. The girls are SO excited, because they get the basement to themselves! :) Once we were all settled, Dana & Diane had us over to their house (across the yard) for dinner. We were privileged to be served their first strawberries of the season from their garden, as well as a DELISH salad made from fresh lettuce from their garden too! (made all the more delicious after three days of food-on-the-road! LOL)
Of course, the best part was getting to know our brother & sister. :) We made fast friends! It feels like we've always known them! They told us some about the territory we'll be working (which just became unassigned last November (don't quote me on that!)). It used to be covered by the Redwood Falls Congregation, which is the one they still attend. The congregation has 44 publishers, 9 of which are regular pioneers!
Tomorrow will be our first day in the territory, and our plan is to work the rural territory and leave the towns for the group of 28 that is coming in July. At this point, that is up in the air, however, as it may very well be raining. Come what may, we are excited for tomorrow!

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