Thursday, June 23, 2011

Short service day w/a little fun mixed in

Ok, exhaustion has totally beat us all! We could barely get out the door by 10 this morning. Even the wee bairns (kids) are tired!!!!

Anyway, it really was cloudy today, but dry, so Bryan was determined we would head back to try some farms. We girls weren't too convinced this would be the greatest idea w/how much rain has been here the last couple days. Well, it was worth a shot, but indeed we were slipping all over those gravel roads, so back in to Lamberton we headed. We had a very nice day! Lots of door-to-door, lots of conversations, even Myranda was able to place a book. Chatelaine was determined to do so as well, but at the door she planned to claim as hers, this Gothic-looking girl came outside, and Chatelaine got scared, so I spoke up. The girl was skeptical at first, but very nice and listened and was interested enough to want a Bible study aid, so I placed the book with her. :)

Since we're all so tired, and the girls have been super-troopers w/all the travel and time in the ministry so far, we decided to take them to the Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum (Little House on the Prairie stuff) in Walnut Grove in the later afternoon. We all got a kick out of that. Check out our prairie family photo! :) LOL We also had lunch in W.G. @ Nellie's Cafe. May that never happen again! Yikes! Without too many details, suffice it to say, we have figured out that just because one orders lasagna and thinks one knows what that dish is, does not mean it is translated the same everywhere. YIKES!

Ok, so came home from that museum and Myranda and I conked out so fast, you'd have thought we were drugged or something. We both slept for over two hours too! Bryan & Chatelaine went to the park. This evening we had our FWE, which we included practicing songs for Sunday's meeting. We love to sing! :)

Hard to believe, but we only have two days left in our assignment!! Tomorrow, one of the sisters from the congregation had said she'd like to join us, so I'm hoping that works out. I'm having the darndest time finding the phone number of Mabel so that I can get the number of Rachelle and make the arrangements. Stinkin' sometimers has claimed my brain this day. Hoping tomorrow is not quite so bad. LOL

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